About Me

I am a data scientist, a leader, and a philosopher. I am currently doing a stint in policy, as Director of AI & Data at the German Ministry of Health’s in-house think tank. Here, I work on topics such as data availability and representativeness, or certification of machine learning-based medical products. Special projects have included the German Corona-Warn-App and behind-the-scenes work on cyber security.

Previously, I led data science teams at QuantCo, a German-American startup specializing in causal inference and machine learning. My work spanned from e-commerce to health insurers, and much of it focused on parsing out causal signal from observational data. I am proud to say that all our work delivered soundly measured value in our clients’ core business.

I hold a masters in data science from Stanford University, and two bachelor degrees in economics and philosophy from Heidelberg University.

All views expressed are my own, and are not necessarily representative of my employers or the German Government.

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