Querwechsler Netzwerk

In 2021, I became a member of policy advocacy group Querwechsler Netzwerk, a group of experienced managers who believe that public sector stands to benefit from industry hires.

I believe in the core mission to modernize public sector administration through new ways of working, employee empowerment, and technology. The necessary cultural shifts benefit greatly from experienced modern leaders, equipped with hands-on experience of state-of-the-art industry methods, with an open mind to learn about public sector, and with the empathy required for change management.

Within technology, I believe it is especially important to reduce the divide between regulatory efforts and tech expertise. To keep up with the pace of tech, we need regulators with hands-on experience. I believe this is best achieved through a career on both sides: Industry and public sector.

Traditionally, society is weary of revolving doors between industry and regulators. I acknowledge the risks involved with potential conflicts of interest. But I believe that particularly in fields deeply affected by new technologies, the benefits of cultural change outweigh these risks – and of course, I recognize the need for oversight.